Little Jake & The Soul Searchers

Little Jake and The Soul Searchers is a soulful R&B band whose shows get better than the last.

"Turn On Your Love Light" Cover
Live at Heartwood Soundstage

    Little Jake Mitchell is an authentic blues child prodigy and R&B singer who has performed at the Apollo Theatre, been on tour as “Mr. Excitement” with James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke, and Bobbly Blue Band, and performed in various other festivals and venues. When you add The Silver-Sonic Horns and a powerful rhythm section to the mix, you get Little Jake Mitchell and The Soul Searchers. 

    The band recalls traditional R&B stagecraft in support of a classic repertoire of soulful songs. Because every venue is different, Jake and the band like to mix up their shows and treat their audiences to sights and sounds they probably haven’t experienced since the golden age of R&B. 

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Prohibition Kitchen