Four men (members of the band Lord Huron) stand shoulder to should looking at the camera against a green background. They are dressed in trendy suits

Lord Huron

A cerebral indie rock band with a long-standing commitment to their deep lore.

Nostalgic, operatic, and even cinematic: all words that describe states of being for Los Angeles-based band, Lord Huron. A four piece, the band spends much of the year on a tour circuit through the UK, US, and Canada. However, Lord Huron has undergone many transformations on their musical journey.

While Lord Huron’s individual songs are pleasing to the ear on their lonesome, their albums were made to be experienced under the listener’s full attention. Each composition bleeds into the next and calls upon its predecessors — musically and thematically. The attention to detail, artistic expression, and determination to create are palpable in each of their songs.

Ben Schneider is the frontman and core member, having named the group after one of Michigan's Great Lakes. In 2010 and 2011, Schneider released Lord Huron’s initial EPs on his own. Their debut full-length album Lonesome Dreams was released in the fall of 2012. Following the themes of nostalgia, adventure, and grit set in motion by Lonesome Dreams, Lord Huron released Strange Trails in 2015. This album was accompanied by a series of western-themed music videos that expanded on the stories within the songs. Vide Noir is Lord Huron’s third album release, and is thought to expand on the plot of Lonesome Dreams. Finally, Lord Huron’s most recent full-length album release was in May of 2021, entitled Long Lost. The current Lord Huron members are Miguel Briseño (bass, keys), Mark Barry (drums, vocals), and Tom Renaud (guitar).

To many Lord Huron fans (who call themselves ‘Travelers’ and ‘World Enders,’ after elements of the group’s extensive lore), this band is far more than introspective lyrics and some curious tunes. To them (and those brave enough to listen to them), Lord Huron is a multimedia experience with a tapestry of stories, characters, and settings. The group not only releases albums and plays live shows; they publish comic books, music videos, websites, and VHSs — all of which contain interconnected easter eggs. In this, Lord Huron has set themselves apart from the crowd and invited folks into their own strange world.

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