Skin & Bonz

Playing Florida Hoe-Down music with a bit of a modern twist, Skin & Bonz gets the audience moving.

"Present Moment Bliss" (Chris Bodor, Poet)
"Cuckoo" (Appalachian Classic)

    Tommy Bledsoe and Joy D’Elia, a husband and wife team and two of St. Augustine’s most dedicated proponents of the arts, have played music in St. Augustine for decades. More recently Tommy and Joy have brought the music and steps of traditional country dancing to the forefront in schools and at a number of local performances. 

    With Tommy on banjo and vocals, Joy on bass and vocals, and Kathe on guitar and vocals, Skin & Bonz play old songs — mostly bluegrass and folk. Tommy is a Florida Old-Time Banjo Champion, and the three talented vocalists alternate with lead and harmony, so the sound is a cross between comforting old-time or folk tunes and lively traditional dance songs. 

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