Snake Blood Remedy

The roots of Snake Blood Remedy go back to Hank Williams, Senior, yet their songs have modern and timeless themes.

Snake Blood Remedy performing "Ghost Living," by J.D. Cook.
Snake Blood Remedy performing "The Duval Blues," written by J.D. Cook.
Snake Blood Remedy performing "High on the Mountain," by Ola Belle Reed.
Snake Blood Remedy performing "On the bottle Again," written by J.D. Cook.

    The Jacksonville band, Snake Blood Remedy, began with singer/songwriter and musician J.D. Cook, yet their roots go back nearly 100 years. These 21st century musicians were drawn together by the old-time country music of folks such as Hank Williams, Sr. and Ole Belle Reed. It doesn't matter that most of the band's original songs were written in this century — Snake Blood Remedy is a young, new band with deep, old roots.

    In 2012, J.D. Cook named his band and began to find musicians who would join him in forming a traditional old-time country band. After the normal ebb and flow of musicians, the band is now established with six members.

    In addition to J.D. on vocals and guitar, Micky Lynn plays clawhammer banjo; John Paul Jackson is on bass and back-up vocals; Washboard Willie Holstein is on (of course) the standard family-size washboard; Abigail Gruber plays fiddle; and Andre Gruber plays lead guitar. Any of the band may perform a vocal lead or back-up vocals.

    Each of the band members learned music at an early age, and each still have a deep appreciation of old-time country music — after all, some of them met at old-time music jams. Most of the songs they perform were written by J.D. and every song plays homage to the country masters of the past.


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