Starlight Trio

An ensemble of downhome, americana gypsy folk, St. Augustine’s The Starlight Trio are a web of enchantment that rings in the ears long after the music ends.

"Runaway" (Richard Kuncicky)
"Land of Flowers" (Lis Williamson)

    The Starlight Trio is St. Augustine’s ever-changing gypsy folk ensemble more than four decades in the making. Originally branded in the late 70s as Rose Tattoo, The Starlight Trio has gone by several names over the years including The Wingnutsand Silverheels. Members of The Starlight Trio include singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitar wizard Rick Kuncicky, along with singer-songwriter and upright bassist Lon Williamson, and singer-songwriter and banjoist Lis Williamson. Lon and Lis Williamson are owners of Gatorbone Studios, an “out in the woods” artist retreat and recording studio just outside of St. Augustine. They have recorded some of Northeast Florida’s most reputable musicians and songwriters.
    The Starlight Trio are a breath of home, if you’re from the south. And to breathe in that smell of pine and tangled oaks while feeling as if mother is calling you home for supper. Like moss around a tree, the members of this ensemble are bound to their calling–music. There are hints of gypsy, folk, jazz, swing, americana, and even blues in The Starlight Trio’s backroads, hatchback sound.

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Corner Bar