Four members of the band Tru Phonic pose inside of a purple room

Tru Phonic

A multi-genre band from Central Florida that plays covers and originals.

Based in Central Florida, Tru Phonic is the multi-genre brain child of frontman Jake Salter. This crew of talented musicians is committed to building community with the Florida DIY music scene. Tru Phonic has released two full-length studio albums and one live album, with the most recent, Jambiguous, having been released in January of 2022. Along with their original releases, TruPhonic can also perform a menagerie of cover songs — from HipHop to Country favorites (but if you want them to play “Hotel California” or anything Weezer related, you’re obliged to buy the band a round of shots).

Tru Phonic includes band members from all over the country and plays songs that fit into the Jam, Funk, Rock, and Blues genres. Most of the band contribute to the vocal harmonies along with playing their own instruments. Jake Salter plays guitar and also wrote most of Tru Phonic’s original songs. Bassist John Hulland brings not only musical talent but wit and levity. Alex Petrosky joins Tru Phonic onstage and in the studio as the band’s drummer. And finally, Tru Phonic stands out in there having two saxophonists — Ryan “Shorty” Crabbs and Daniel Garcia — who add layers upon layers of Jazz flavor. Though they each have their specific backgrounds and talents, TruPhonic members are united in their mission to create music that is original, unique, and gimmick-free.

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