Band Velvet 45 performing at Barley Republic, drummer and guitar player.

Velvet 45

Ian Opalinski and Andre Martins are the duo Velvet 45, playing smooth covers and originals.

Together Ian Opalinski and Andre Martins form the smooth, fun, and musically-talented duo known as Velvet 45.The two play covers and a few original songs.

Songwriter, guitarist, and lead singer, Ian Opalinski has had a music career that spans from the Midwest to the Caribbean, and has built a strong following as a solo artist in St. Augustine, and throughout St. Johns and Flagler Counties.

Andre Martins, from the Palm Coast area, is a multi-instrumentalist who primarily focuses on drums and keyboards. In addition, he performs as a DJ, under the name, SatelliteFrank. With Ian, Andre has been known to play either the drums or the keyboards.

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