Musician Vern Daysel onstage at the microphone

Vern Daysel

South African musician blends southern rock with bluesy, country tunes.

If stage time equates to acclaim and competence, then Vern Daysel has both. Playing more than 200 shows a year, six or seven days a week, he gets in front of a lot of listeners, and they love him.  

Born in South Africa, and starting his touring career there, Daysel began his full-tilt dream in 2006. Touring with a band for nearly a decade, he changed things up and went solo in 2014, with shows in towns, both small and large, across South Africa.

In 2019, Daysel brought his bluesy southern rock sound to the United States as he immigrated, fulfilling his dream since age 18, of coming to America to work as a musician. With a style often called southern rock, he blends a soulful, country, bluesy sound in his busy tour schedule across Florida. 

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