The WillowWacks

This husband-and-wife duo weave their songs together like a pair of love birds, with a pure and deeply personal style that has attracted a host of local and national fans.

"Comes Back Deep"
"Keep in Mind"
"Ideal Man"
"The Lullaby"

    Husband-and-wife Micah and Lauren Gilliam make up St. Augustine's popular folk duo, WillowWacks. Known for their "home-spun" sound, the WillowWacks specialize in diverse folk music on multiple instruments. Lauren’s crystaline voice and tender harmonics are just what you might expect from a duo whose name means “a wooded, uninhabited area.”

    WillowWacks released their debut EP, The WillowWacks, in 2013. Since that time, they have built up their local following and are now regular performers at the Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, the Natural Life Festival, and The Clean Water Music Festival. They also tour nationally, and have shared the stage with such artists as the Blind Boys of Alabama and Shawn Colvin.

    As Micah writes on their website: “The WillowWacks sound like The Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars crashed the recording of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, with Gotye filling in for George Martin while he was out for tea.”

    And according to David Luckin, the NPR Host of The Electro Lounge: “The WillowWacks play fresh music that defies time. Close your eyes and let the WillowWacks EP transport you to a very nice place.”

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