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Rent a street kart, scoot coupe, scooter, or bike and see St. Augustine in style.

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Fun Rentals St. Augustine, also known as St. Augustine Bike Rentals, offers fun ways to tour St. Augustine on your own, on a rented 49cc scooter, street kart, scoot coupe, or bike. For a wheeled tour with a different spin, take a Fun Rental guided Segway Tour, to discover areas that other tourists may miss.

Drive On Your Own

It's easy to tour the nation's oldest city on your own or with a group on rented bikes and scooters. Couples, or those who prefer to sit in instead of perch on their ride, will enjoy a scoot coupe, a side-by-side scooter. The city is bike-friendly with special lanes for bikes, slow traffic speeds in the downtown district, small side roads, and bike-friendly sidewalks. You just have to avoid the walking-only blocks of St. George Street and make sure to give pedestrians the right of way everywhere else. Bikes, scooters, and scoot coupes can take you from the Historic District, to the beach, and back again. 

If some in the group would rather be passengers, and you plan to spend the day only in the Historic District, rent a four or six-passenger street kart. These comfortable open-air rides can be rented by anyone 21 and over who has a driver's license and credit card. They are one of the area's favorite rides, so we suggest you make reservations in advance. These street karts can only be used in the Historic District and cannot go across the bridges, to the beaches, campgrounds, or US 1. The karts can be rented for a day or more.

Bikes can be rented hourly, daily, and weekly. Bike seats are adjustable for a perfect fit for everyone and both male and female bikes are available with child seats. St. Augustine is ideal for biking, and the lack of hills and elevation changes makes it easy to relax and enjoy the ride. Vacationers can ride around on their own schedule and get a close-up look at all the attractions and historic sites without the hassle of finding and paying for a parking spot.

Take a Tour

You can take a guided tour aboard bikes, Segways, or in a Street Kart with a driver and tour guide. Segway tours start at 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Tours have a minimum weight of 60 pounds and are available to anyone 10 years or older

The staff at Fun Rentals St. Augustine are happy to help vacationers with information about the best things to do in St. Augustine. They have worked with the company for many years, and know their vehicles and the town. Their local expertise can be a big help to visitors in finding their way, planning a day of sightseeing, and even finding the perfect restaurant.

Free parking is available at the shop.

Currently open.
Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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