The Pirate Haus Inn in historic downtown St. Augustine.

A Weekend at the Pirate Haus Inn

The Pirate Haus Inn is a great place to stay for an authentic St. Augustine experience on a budget.

  • Where do you book accommodations when you're looking for something affordable, fun, family-friendly, and unique? If you want more than your run-of-the-mill hotel without going over budget, you should check out Pirate Haus Inn.

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    This place is overflowing with charm! The whole hostel is located on the second floor of a building on Treasury Street (be mindful, there are no elevators, so it's 19 steps up to the rooms). As you walk through the door, your first sight is a flight of stairs - and what a sight it is!

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    The room we stayed in for the weekend was perfect for our group of six (my five adult cousins and I were in downtown for a wedding). It had two sets of bunk beds and a queen bed next to the window. Every wall of the room is painted with colorful murals depicting tropical scenery. You'd almost believe we were out in the Florida wilderness!

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    The steps on the bunk beds were accented with intricate designs, and one wall of the bathroom was covered with an eclectic mix of magazine photos (mostly snapshots from far-off places).

    The hostel offers more than just bedroom amenities such as a mini-fridge and individual lockers. There's a kitchen stocked with everything you'd need to make a meal for yourselves, a game room with a plethora of board games, a TV, and this friendly, photogenic guy!


    Not to mention their terrace patio is within ear shot of the visitors sifting through St. George Street, and covered by some of the wonderful downtown greenery.

    And of course, every morning, you wake up to THIS!

    pirate haus inn pancake st augustine family accomodations

    pancake pirate haus inn st augustine breakfast vacation

    FREE pirate pancakes, all you can eat! You can even ask to have your name spelled out! And of course no morning for mom and dad is complete without a cup of coffee. The innkeeper was nice and conversational, and it was pleasant to have breakfast at a kitchen table with other guests at the inn.

    My favorite part about this hostel besides the charm, affordability (beds in the dorm are only $22 a night), pancakes, and customer service? The location! It was so nice to stay out late and walk around town (St. George Street and the town plaza are just a block away), hitting up some great shopping and the downtown bars and pubs, with a warm bed waiting just a short walk away. And Pirate Haus Inn has a 10 p.m. quiet time, so it's great for families, and anyone who has to get a good night's rest before a big event (like a wedding). So if you're a traveler, cyclist, family looking for a charming place to bunk on the dime, check out Pirate Haus Inn in historic St. Augustine!

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Updated: Monday, June 6, 2022

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