Cliff Cody

It all began when Cliff Cody was dared to sing at Karaoke Night, and the course of his life changed forever.

Cliff Cody's story begins when he was working as a bouncer at a West Texas honky-tonk and a waitress dared him to sing at Karaoke Night. He sang and in the crowd there happened to be a band looking for a lead singer, they offered him a job that same night and the next day Cliff bought himself a guitar. A week had gone by and he wrote his first song, then six months later he moved to Nashville, Tennessee. In 2005, he signed his first publishing contract with EMI/Sony Music and had his first cut with his single "Chasin' Whiskey", Rolling Stone Magazine recognized the song as a highlight in Julie Roberts' album Men and Mascara. Cliff has had multiple cuts with other artists and bands such as Halfway to Hazard, Josh Thompson, and D. Vincent Williams. Now, Cliff is a regular, favorite performer for the Songwriters Festival in Key West, and has written a song for the book "The Shoe-Burnin'-Storties of Southern Soul", available on Amazon.