Salty Daug

Performing southern rock, classic rock, blues, and rock and roll, St. Augustine’s Salty Daug has stormed onto the music scene as a prominent five-piece cover band ensemble that strives for nothing less than musical greatness.

    St. Augustine, Florida’s Salty Daug is a river of rock and roll, performing southern and classic rock and a bit of classic blues thrown in for good measure. The five-piece ensemble formed in 2016, but three of the members met years ago and miles away living in New Jersey and have maintained friendships since for several decades. Influenced by a wide spectrum of legendary classic bands, each member brings a diverse technique of sound to the musical interplay of the band. Though 3/5 of the ensemble is from Jersey, that doesn’t stop these boys from including their southern rock inspiration in the mix, covering The Allman Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their classic rock and rock and roll choices range from Van Morrison and Joe Cocker to The Beatles and Eric Clapton. If audiences are lucky, they’ll catch a Jimi Hendrix tune or two.

    Lead and rhythm electric guitarists Dennis Miele and Joseph Fasano, along with rhythm guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist Crawford Boyd relocated to St. Augustine one-by-one and years later they formed the band Salty Daug. Elizabeth Roth joins them on electric bass guitar and Trey Moore sits in the drummer’s position. Crawford, Elizabeth and Joe all share the responsibility of lead vocals and create a three-part harmony that is nothing short of perfection. Their layered vocals are completely balanced and complimentary to each other - so well that it’s hard to tell who is singing which part. Needless to say, the group’s love for St. Augustine as well as their intuitive musical movement has been decades in the making and their band mantra says it all – “Do it Auggie style!”.

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    Tradewinds Lounge

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