Shutterguide Tours

A guided tour through the city for visiting photographers, whether professional or amateur.

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Shutterguide Tours in St. Augustine offers the chance to tour the nation's oldest city while capturing each moment through a camera lens. This two-hour walking tour is guided by professional photographers who will not only brief guests on photography techniques and guide them to picturesque locations but will also fill them in on the history of the landmark. The tour begins near the bayfront and ends at Flagler College, stopping along the way at each landmark for a photo op and a little bit of history.

With Shutterguide Tours, vacationers will be able to capture the incredible landmarks and learn the facts and stories that are associated with that site. Rather than wander the nation's oldest city's brick streets on their own, visitors can allow Shutterguide Tours to lead them through these historic streets for a better perspective, in only two hours. The guides have each been professionally trained in photography as well as in the history of the city of St. Augustine so they can offer a complete experience.