Image of three men posing for photo op, the music trio Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons return to St. Augustine to nostalgic and welcoming crowds.

From the dawn of the rhythmic style band Mumford & Sons in 2007, when the folk scene was the primary influence, the sound they produced morphed with bluegrass to grab England’s attention. Soon to grow into prestigious music awards and global tours, this band has stayed true to their passion for collaboration and community. Through album releases, both studio and live, and the usual live performances, the tribal beat of drums adds a fun twist to songs of love and reflection.

When you’ve worked on stage behind Bob Dylan, or John Fogarty, you can pretty much figure that you have made it. A few years later, they created their own global festival tour, Gentlemen of the Road, which was focused on the communities in which they performed. For the tenth anniversary of the Gentlemen of the Road event in historic downtown, Mumford and Sons returns to St. Augustine.

Always maintaining a fluid lineup of instrumental sounds, whether implementing a kick drum or full drumset, banjo or steel guitar, and bringing in guest performers, Mumford & Sons music never gets dull. By maintaining kinship with big names, Mumford & Sons realigns with old performing pals for many of their shows, which invariably delights crowds. 

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