Wild Weeds

Wild Weeds, three singer/songwriters who are women, working together to promote all local women singers and songwriters.

Ellen Moseley performing her song, "Dark Shadow" in St. Augustine.
Emma Moseley performing her song, "Milk Thistle" in St. Augustine.
I Like Dandelions (Germaine Veronica) performing her song, "Crispy Breath of Air" in St. Augustine.

    Wild Weeds is the brainchild of Germaine Veronica, of I Like Dandelions, an artist-driven music project that embraces the creative and collaborative process of all songwriters. Wild Weeds is comprised of Germaine Veronica, Emma Moseley, and Ellen Moseley, three women singer/songwriters with diverse styles and a common drive—to write and perform their own songs and to share their humor, knowledge, and innovation.

    Each performance of Wild Weeds will include a fourth female singer/songwriter who will share her stories and songs and bring her special talents to the stage.  

    Frequently Played Venue(s)

    Mill Top Tavern

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