DeLeon Shores Park basketball courts in Ponte Vedra Beach.

DeLeon Shores Park

DeLeon Shores Park is a neighborhood park with something for everyone in Ponte Vedra Beach.

Nestled on the edge of Ponte Vedra Beach, DeLeon Shores park is in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by streets aligned with single family homes. While it has something for all ages, the park's location and smaller features equates to a lower population, offering more open space for kids and dogs to run and less (if any) waiting time for equipment. The playground, predominantly for toddlers and children who are in the early years of elementary school, is currently under construction with volunteers from the community coming together on October 15, 2022 to assemble it, welcoming kids soon after to come and play.

An open field leaves plenty of room for soccer, throwing a football, and more, with a corner spot designated to baseball games. The upgraded two basketball courts and one tennis court have bright blue concrete floors, four new hoops and tennis net, and are next to the fenced in dog park and skate park, which is small with ramps that are equipped for intermediate skaters. A covered area with a few picnic tables nearby is a good spot for lunches or an early dinner as the sun begins to set.