A kayak trip with GeoTrippin' Adventure Co. of St. Augustine.

Geo Trippin' Adventure Co.

GeoTrippin' Adventure Co. offers kayak tours and instruction — and fun on the water — with their tours of the waterways of the Mantanzas and St. Johns Rivers.

At Genung's Fish Camp, south of the 206 Bridge.
291 Cubbedge Road, St. Augustine, FL, 32080
  • (904) 701-3272

Hours of Operation

Tours availble by appointment, seven days a week.

  • Geo Trippin' Adventure Co. provides a fun and active way to learn more about St. Augustine by offering kayak adventures exploring the waters of the Matanzas and St.Johns Rivers and their tributaries. Their kayak trips last two to four hours and start from a number of different locales and are open to all ages of ability.

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    These eco-tours are great fun for families, groups, or anyone who seeks a safe outdoor adventure and who wants to be up close and personal to the species found in and along these waters.

    Those interested in learning more about kayaking can sign up for instructions with ACA Certified Coastal Kayaking Instructors and Guides. Geo Trippin' offers kayak tours and instruction in St. Johns, Duval, and Flagler Counties. They have tours geared for those new to kayaking, tours for those who are more experienced, and tours offering instruction at every level.

    Geo Trippin' has kayaks at four launches all along the waterways north and south of St. Augustine and can take their trailer loaded with kayaks to other launch sites. In addition, they have a cordial business arrangement with both North Guana Outpost, and Sea Serpent Tours, which allows them to offer a wide variety of tours in many locations throughout the St. Augustine area.

    Guests may reserve both a tour and a kayak, or they may bring their own kayaks (BYOK) and take the tours at a reduced cost. Click here to book a tour with Geo Trippin' Adventure Co.

    Types of Tours Offered by Geo Trippin' Adventure Co.

    Customized kayak tours can begin when and where the customer wants to go, including night tours and eco-history tours. Custom tours can include kayak workouts, stroke coaching, stretching for kayakers, on-the-water guided meditation, and Yogasana. Some of these extras can be included in any tour.

    Historic and archeological kayak tours can take boaters close to more than 50 archeological sites along St. Augustine's waterways. Kayakers may be able to see pre-historic burial mounds and shell middens, and ruins from the Spanish, British, and Minorcan settlements.

    One of the strong>GTM Reserve kayak toursbegins at Genung's Fish Camp and explores a dynamic section of the GTM Reserve. Depending on the weather, time, tides, and experience of the kayakers, this tour can include oyster beds, and the opportunity to learn more about wildlife management and preservation. This tour lasts 3 hours.

    One of the pristine river kayak tours takes guestson an exploration of the living laboratory that is the National Estuarine Research Reserve. Another tour explores the Matanzas River and the natural inlet south of St. Augustine.

    All of their tours allow kayakers to explore where the rivers meet the sea and the special habitats this creates for animal and vegetable life from oysters to dolphins to alligators and a variety of fish and birds.

    Instruction Offered by Geo Trippin' Adventure Co.

    Those new to kayaking (or those who have simply been paddling around for years) may want to sign up for instruction and stroke workouts. Classes last from 3-4 hours and cost $60.00 for those with their own kayak and $100.00 for those who will rent one. Each class covers two topics such as New Paddler Orientation, Handling Currents, Wind, Stroke Coaching, Self Rescue, and Kayaking Fitness. Geo Trippin' Adventure Co. also offers ACA Accredited Instructor Development.

    Knowing more about kayaking in the river currents will safely open up new places for those who want to see it all by kayak. For example, kayaking the oyster beds near Genung's Fish Camp is available only to kayakers with some experience and a few skills with the paddle.

    Geo Trippin' Adventure Co. Offers Tours for All Skill Levels.

    Tours begin at various locations and guests may BYOK or rent one. The skills and comfort level of each guest are considered as tours are planned. Geo Trippin' guides always launch at the best time for the skill levels of their guests.

    Geotrippin' Adventure Co. offers kayak tours for all interests and all levels of skill — and the opportunity to view hidden parts of St. Augustine and her rivers. The variety of their tours, from Jacksonville to the inland rivers, allows those who visit again and again to enjoy a kayak adventure that is new every time. Locals and those staying for a while can save money and book a six-pack of tours, with no expiration date for its use.

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