The exterior of the Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United Methodist Church

A historic church commissioned by Henry Flagler in 1887, near Flagler College.

This historic church sits one block from Flagler College. Henry Flagler commissioned the construction of Grace Church through the same architectural firm that built the Ponce de Leon Hotel and later donated it to the city of St. Augustine. Carrere and Hastings erected the Spanish Renaissance building with concrete walls and terracotta roofing in 1887. The church replaced the Olivet Methodist Church, a wooden building that stood on the site Flagler wanted for a new grand hotel, the Alcazar.

Grace United Methodist, listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places, continues to hold weekly services. The congregation of Grace United Methodist remains an active part of the St. Augustine community with its many outreach programs. 

The Grace United Methodist Church is a point of interest for the Historic District visitors and continues to be a popular venue for weddings in St. Augustine