Henry Flagler built the Memorial Presbyterian Church, based on the design of the Basilica of St. Mark in Venice, Italy, for his daughter Jennie Louise Flagler.

Historic Churches

Visit historic houses of worship while strolling downtown.

St. Augustine is home to religious sites with a variety of denominations -- many come with stories of the early settlers who founded them. Some came in the hopes of a better life, looking to establish their own beliefs freely. Others came to proclaim their faith in far off lands and to serve the people. Sites such as the Methodist church, Jewish temple, Greek Orthodox shrine and the Catholic cathedral basilica, offer a glimpse into the lives of these pioneers. Tour these religious sites and get a feel for their devotion and dedication to St. Augustine. By establishing religious sites, each denomination found a home in the New World and added to the city's rich history.

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Founded in 1873, the St. Paul AME Church has fostered the city's resilient spirit for generations.