Zeno's World's Most Famous Taffy

An original Florida taffy shop with a variety of confectionary creations.

Zeno's World's Most Famous Taffy originated in Daytona Beach, Florida. The shop's success has led to other location openings, including the shop on St. George Street in the nation's oldest city. This taffy and sweets shop has a spectrum of taffy flavors with more than 90 flavors to try, including Belgian waffle, key lime pie, buttered popcorn, cherry limeade, margarita, strawberry lemonade, tiramisu, maple bacon, chocolate chip cookie dough, chili pepper, sangria, and apple pie a la mode. Zeno's even has a beer flavored taffy. Sugar free taffy is also available.

In addition to world-famous taffy, Zeno's sells ice cream, novelty sodas, soft caramels, and varieties of fudge, brittle, and gourmet caramel corn. 

The people behind Zeno's have been pulling taffy for almost 70 years, and have remained family-owned with several locations. Boxes of taffies are available for a sweet gift idea, and Zeno's sells their confectionery creations online for customers who cannot wait between St. Augustine visits.