See musket firing demonstrations at the Colonial Quarter.

Colonial Quarter

Experience three centuries of St. Augustine's vivid history through interactive activities.

Colonial Quarter

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In the Historic District on St. George Street.
14 S Castillo Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Currently closed.
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Colonial Quarter is where visitors can experience hundreds of years of Colonial Spanish and British living history in St. Augustine. This two-acre revamped attraction takes vacationers and locals back in time through three centuries of the formation and creation of the nation's oldest city. Travelers can enjoy a Historic Adventure Tour with a resident of Colonial Quarter St. Augustine as they are taken on an interactive, immersive journey through history.

The Colonial Quarter attraction reveals St. Augustine's history as a fledgling port and allows guests to partake in authentic musket drills, climb to the top of a 17th-century watchtower replica, and dine and drink in 18th-century style at the Bull and Crown or the Taberna Del Caballo. Here St. Augustine's brilliant past comes to life with multiple living history demonstrations, guided tours complete with a detailed history of the city and more.

The First 16th Century Spanish City

The first St. Augustine is born in the 16th Century with Spanish influence. This section of the attraction guides visitors on a journey through the city's first days as a trading port and as the first European waterfront community in the Americas.

Flags Over St. Augustine Boardwalk - Meander through history as you walk under the flags of the many nations that controlled St. Augustine throughout its 450 years of existence. Begin at the flag that likely flew on Juan Ponce de Leon's ship and end at today's 50 stars and stripes.

See a 16th Century Sailing Vessel Crafted by Hand - Watch as a Boatwright crafts a 50-foot caravel that sits one story in the air. You can peer into the ship's inner workings as well and imagine how travel was in the days of early exploration. Caravels were used by the Spanish in the 16th century, including Juan Ponce De Leon who claimed Florida for Spain in 1513 as well as Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles who founded St. Augustine in 1565.

Hands-on with History - Inspect artifacts at the grounds of the Colonial Quarter and glimpse into the interesting past of the city through the archeological investigations that took place on this site.

Spanish Fortified Town of the 17th Century

Enter the bustling city of 17th century St. Augustine as Spain stakes their permanent claim on Florida. The town teems with craftsmen, military, and devout missionaries.

Climb a 17th Century Watchtower Replica - Climb up 35 feet to the top of their replica watchtower from the 17th-Century. From here take in the view of St. Augustine's bayfront and take in a bird's-eye view of the Castillo De San Marcos. Imagine how the Spanish soldiers would have felt at the top of this watchtower and pinpoint the new and old landmarks.

Fire off in a Musket Drill - Learn to lock, load, and fire your 17th-century replica musket with the garrison's military gunsmith. Also, join in with the gunsmith as he demonstrates drills, repairs and maintains the garrison's weapons, and inspects and tests the firearms.

Forge Away with the Blacksmith - Observe as their colonial blacksmith works hard at his forge. Here he works with old metal to fashion tools, cooking utensils, strap hinges, and nails; he may even let you try.

Spanish Garrison Town of the 18th Century

Help defend the 18th Century Garrison Town as St. Augustine comes under fire. The Spanish soldiers are up in arms defending their town from the British and fighting to save the slaves' freedom.

The Soldier's Home - Tour this 18th Century home and see what it was like to live during the early Spanish Colonial days. The lady of the house is cooking for her family and her husband is away at the fort training. This First Spanish Period house was reconstructed on its original foundation in 1964.

The Leatherworker's Shop - This colonial leather shop is full of authentic hides and tools of old St. Augustine. Hundreds of years ago a settler by the name of Lorenzo Gomez lived here with his wife and three children.

Taberna Del Caballo - Dine in 18th Century style at his authentic taberna and enjoy Spanish music, light tapas, cold beverages, and an intimate atmosphere.

18th Century British and the 14th Colony

Glimpse into the thrilling past of the 14th Colony and see what life was like in St. Augustine under years of British rule. Experience the rich history of the city as the British take over the colony, the American Revolution breaks out, and then the British attack the rebellious Southern colonies.

De Mesa-Sanchez House - Tour this unique historic home museum that was originally constructed in the 1740's as a one-room colonial residence. The carefully restored home was first owned by Antonio de Mesa, a Royal Treasury shore guard, and then expanded over the years until the early 19th century. The original site of the home sits in the northwest corner of the building and remains remarkably well preserved.

Gazette Print Shoppe - Don British Colonial garb and imagine how the East Florida Gazette Print Shoppe would function in the days of 18th Century British St. Augustine. This 1770s printing press was recreated using Colonial Williamsburg blueprints and replica press copies of the day.

Bull and Crown Publick House - Sip and dine on authentic fare in this 18th-century-styled British pub. Enjoy the exciting atmosphere inside and out on their open-air deck.

The Colonial Quarter, which can also be used as a wedding and special event venue, is located on St. George Street.

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Colonial Quarter

(904) 342-2857

In the Historic District on St. George Street.
14 S Castillo Drive
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Currently closed.
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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