Alpine Groves Park on the St. Johns River near St. Augustine, FL.

Fruit Cove

Bordering on Duval County, this area has idyllic parks and new communities.

While technically in St. Johns County, this northwestern corner is often associated more with Jacksonville than St. Augustine. Still, restaurants and attractions are worth mentioning for those driving from St. Augustine to Jacksonville while in “vacation mode” or "house hunting mode."

To the west, visitors will find a portion of the William Bartram Scenic Highway, SR 13, that runs along the St. Johns River. In addition to a beautiful drive, the WBSH takes visitors through the charming historic area of Switzerland and past several parks, including Riverfront Park and Alpine Groves Park. Riverfront Park has a short trail and a long fishing pier that ends at a gazebo overlooking the St. Johns River. Alpine Grove features a historic 19th-century citrus-growers homestead and butterfly gardens, 45 minutes and 29 miles from the Plaza de la Constitución.

Visitors will see more development to the east, with the new Durbin Park featuring housing, shopping, and the Cinemark Theatre, 25 miles -- or 33 minutes -- from Historic Downtown.

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119 Bartram Oaks Walk

This Pizza Hut in the Bartram Oaks neighborhood offers all their traditional pizzas, plus Wingstreet wings for sides.

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109 Bartram Oaks Walk

Helping to make people - and the planet - healthier via juices, smoothies, and bowls carried out in recyclable materials.

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192 Boracay, Cir, Beachwalk

This cottage bakery serves fresh sourdough bread.

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1332 Veterans Pkwy.

Remember those who served at this facility offering skate and dog parks.

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35 Little Cypress Drive

Zesty chicken served daily in a variety of ways at this quick-service dining establishment.