Hurricane Update for Visit St. Augustine

Update on website information for Hurricane Season.

  • Post Hurricane

    09/19/2017 10:18 a.m.

    A majority of the restaurants and attractions in St. Augustine are open! Here are some post hurricane updates from the city.

    Once a hurricane has passed, recovery efforts to clear roads, address flooding, and open bridges go into effect immediately. Some businesses may take longer than others to open their doors again. If you are unsure whether a business is open or not, please call ahead using the contact information made available. Thank you for being patient while the St. Augustine community gets up and running again!

    Before a Hurricane

    Thank you for visiting our website! Whether you are a potential vacationer, local, or someone who's found themselves here in St. Augustine during a potential hurricane. Be aware that although we have listings up for all the attractions and events in town, it's likely that if a hurricane is coming, a lot of these places may be closed in the days leading up to the estimated arrival of the storm in order to prepare for the impact (and to ensure that you are preparing).

    We will update cancellations and closures as they come in, but if you are unsure about whether an event is cancelled or a location is closed, please simply call the business using the contact information available on their profile page.

    We are experts in things to do in St. Augustine, but when it comes to Hurricanes, there are lots of resources that know a lot more about things to do in order to prepare for a hurricane.

    Here are a few sites to consult for hurricane preparedness:

    Hurricane Updates and

    St. Johns County Emergency Management /

    Hurricane Preparedness for St. Augustine, Florida /

    National Hurricane Center

    Numbers to report electric and utility issues:

    Florida Power and Light Company / 1-800-226-3545
    City of St.  Augustine Public Works / 1-904-825-1040
    Comcast Cable / 904-797-5466

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