People walking along the Bayfront and enjoying the view on a beautiful day in St. Augustine.


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A dog and his friend, enjoying the view along the bayfront in St. Augustine.

Updated November 10th, 2022

Vacationers in St. Augustine don't necessarily have to keep their furry friends at home--check out dog-friendly amenities in the Ancientld City!... Read More

After the storm, vacationers can almost always expect beautiful rainbows, like this one over the Castillo de San Marcos.

Updated September 27th, 2022

The weather in St. Augustine changes from season to season. Learn about the different climate patterns you can expect so you know what to pack for your vacation.... Read More

Fishing in St. Augustine, Florida (photo courtesy of

Updated September 1st, 2022

Florida is known for fantastic fishing all over its coast, but for sheer variety, experienced anglers consider St. Augustine one of the best fishing destinations in the state.... Read More

The outdoor pool at La Fiesta Inn on the beach in St. Augustine.

Updated August 16th, 2022

Give into the siren song of the pools and beaches of the nation’s oldest city! Read More

Accessibility in St. Augustine

Updated June 29th, 2022

Planning your vacation for wheelchair accessibility is already difficult; let us help by offering some basic information on how St. Augustine can accommodate disabilities.... Read More