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  • Mumford and Sons' Gentlemen of the Road Tour in St. Augustine is less than 40 days away! For the next few weeks, we'll keep you informed on the best things to do and places to eat for concert-goers in the city - starting with shopping!

    Anyone who's listened to the bands that will be performing, including Mumford & Sons and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, knows that they're renowned for their rustic, unique sound. As far as shopping goes, there's no place more rustic and unique than St. Augustine - a town that is truly a hotspot for antique shopping.



    Aviles is a good place to start if you're hunting for antiques. It's not far from St. George Street and is home to Antiques and Uniques Collectibles. Along with having historical items, Antiques and Uniques also has comics, sports memorabilia, and movie merchandise.


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    The Way We Were is further north on Charlotte Street. The store is all about men and women's fashion. Shoppers will find classic outfits, costume jewelry and accessories from every period of time - the 1800s to the 1980s. It has all the charm of a modern boutique with authentic vintage items. Check out next week's blog to learn more about St. Augustine's local boutiques!

    Also, don't forget to stop at the Lightner Museum near Flagler College which is home to many antique stores and art galleries inside the building and in their courtyard.



    Uptown is a haven of antique shopping - combining the old with the new. There's Uptown Antiques, where visitors can browse 2 floors of furniture, art, clothing, dishware, and other priceless knick knacks. Uptown Antiques is unique for their representation of different styles from different periods of time. You'll find furniture from the 1700s, as well as classic retro styles from the 1970s, and even modern creations that reflect the spirit of home decor.

    Antique Emporium is great for coin collectors and people looking for objects of historical significance. Along with having display cases of military items, Antique Emporium also includes vendors selling the ever-popular-in St. Augustine antique stained glass windows, jewelry galore, and antique china.


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    A Step Back in Time has been voted the Best Antique Shop for Best of St. Augustine many years in a row. Don't let their size fool you. They may be but a 2 story house with only a few rooms, however their items range from cult collectibles to art to vintage furniture. Their smaller space means they only choose the best antique items to display. You're sure to find a treasure to suit your needs.

    Uptown St. Augustine is located on the north end of Castillo Drive where it becomes San Marco Avenue.


    Anastasia Island

    Anastasia Antique Centre is well known for their stained glass and array of antique furniture and floor to ceiling products. Anastasia has all the obscure items that make antiquing enjoyable. The best part? You can browse their wares while you wait for a meal at O'Steen's. The shop is equipped with a PA system that allows you to wait to hear your table called as you shop.

    Sea Bridge Landing is another ideal antique dealer near St. Augustine Beach. This antique shop is literally packed with furniture and the walls are lined with a collection of eye-catching art. Their collection includes items from Europe and favorites like old glass bottles of all different shapes and sizes - great for DIY projects.


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    Eclections is a great place to stop if your main goal is to furnish a home. The store speacilizes in affordable antique furtniture, as well as lighting and art. You'll find couches, armchairs, dining sets, and bureaus.

    Anastasia Island antique shops can be found over the Bridge of Lions away from town.


    For more about antiques...

    Check out our Shopping page with Antique Store listings.

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Updated: Thursday, August 27, 2015

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