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  • In case you haven't chosen your outfit for the upcoming Mumford and Sons concert as part of the Gentleman of the Road Tour in September - don't worry! Visitors coming for this exciting event can do some local shopping in St. Augustine for the two-day concert extravaganza.

    Locally-made clothing, jewelry and accessories await in St. Augustine's boutiques. There are unique items that can outfit any personal style: trendy, organic, fair trade, consignment clothing and much more.


    The Closet is a locally-run boutique located on Cordova Street and frequented by locals and Flagler College students. This consignment shop showcases amazing finds as well as pieces by talented, local designers. Mumford and Sons fans can surely find something unique at this shop: handmade jewelry, antique purses, shoes, sunglasses and more.

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    This is a consignment shop with touches of hip, modern styles. With high-waisted shorts, jelly shoes and print tees making a comeback in fashion, the Closet can be your one-stop shop in St. Augustine.

    A ways down from Francis Field where the Stopover concert will be held is Christe Blue, located on Anastasia Island. It's worth the short drive out to this shop because they have a large selection of consignment clothing and jewelry from department store design labels like Lilly Pulitzer and Ralph Lauren. This shop specializes in "high-end retail and resale". Visitors can buy new wardrobe items or sell their own.

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    Christe Blue has contemporary styles as well as trends from decades past. There is plenty of clothing, jewelry, shoes and even home decor suitable for every style at this boutique.


    Red Pineapple offers a different feel. They are a bit more expensive, but also provide brand new clothes from around the globe. This shop has a vintage, Parisian boutique atmosphere; combining some antiques with modern jewelry, clothes and accessories. Visitors in this shop can feel feminine in their light, flowy styles and delicate jewelry.

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    This boutique is located right on St. George Street, the main walking street in historic downtown St. Augustine for shopping, restaurants and attractions.

    Another modern boutique is Gold Finch. This women's fashion boutique offers trendy clothing at reasonable prices. For visitors with a more contemporary style this shop offers all the latest. Goldfinch can dress you from head to toe, and get you that perfect look for Gentleman of the Road! Casual, summer dresses are flying off the racks at Goldfinch and their jewelry is eye-catchingly colorful. Goldfinch chooses all the right clothes from tribal skirts to crochet shorts, knit tank tops, maxi dresses and mint pants.

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    The owner's own flair for fashion helped Goldfinch Boutique become one of the up and coming shops back in 2007 when they opened. So for the concert or not, be sure to peruse their ample collection of fashions while in St. Augustine!


    Earthbound Trading Co. located on St. George Street is a nationwide store providing global perspective on shopping. Earthbound features handcrafted, sustainable items from around the world, including handcrafted shorts, purses, and more from Guatemalan artisans. These colorful and unique pieces cannot be found anywhere else. You can also adorn yourself with handmade rings from Peruvian artisans! These chunky rings are a great accessory for any style during the Gentlemen of the Road tour concert. This St. Augustine shop also offers things for the home like incense, artwork, furniture, picture frames hand-carved from roots of the Shan Mu tree, a fir tree that grows abundantly in China, and many more sustainable products. Women's eclectic fashions can be found here, from tribal jewelry to print screen tees for men and women.

    Go Fish is another boutique offering fair-trade, sustainable clothing and accessories. This shop has locations all over the US, but still retains local charm. Students and residents from the area love Go Fish for its amazing products and positive message. This shop is run by faith-based owners who, after a mission trip to Peru, decided the beautiful clothing and wares handmade by the locals should be showcased in the U.S.

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    Go Fish buys directly from the artisans for fair market value, offering the producers a chance to make money off their beautiful, handcrafted items. This boutique offers clothing and screen shirts for women and men, handmade jewelry, house decor and more. Many of the items are made by hand in countries from all over the world including Indonesia, Peru, and Mexico. Visitors to this boutique will be shopping locally, but will also be purchasing a unique picture frame, dress or wallet from a global artisan.

    Shop for a trendy, organic, local, high-end or sustainable outfit in St. Augustine. Find clothes and jewelry in the oldest city that you can't find anywhere else. Browse the many unique boutiques tucked away in the cobblestone streets of this town while on your vacation here!

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Updated: Wednesday, January 26, 2022

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