Fort King George, located near the coast in today's Georgia, was abandoned in 1727 and the garrison moved to Port Royal after a fire destroyed most of the structures.

Colonel John Palmer attacked St. Augustine in 1728 with a force of 200 British soldiers and their native allies. Nombre de Dios, a Yamassee mission on the northern edge of St.

The British established Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island in 1736. It served as home to General James Oglethorpe, whose regiment consisted of 6 companies, each with about 125 men.

Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose was established north of St. Augustine in 1738. Governor Manuel de Montiano created the community for escaped slaves and free blacks.

The War of Jenkins' Ear erupted in 1739 and lasted until 1743. The mistreatment of English traders by the Spanish Coast Guard, specifically Capt.

On June 13, 1740, Gen. James Oglethorpe laid siege to the city of St. Augustine with a force of 1000 men, including Scottish Highlanders.

In retaliation for Oglethorpe's 1740 and 1742 raids on St. Augustine, the Spanish sailed to Georgia and landed at Frederica on St. Simons Island.

Spanish Engineer Pedro de Brozas completed the vaulting on three sides of Castillo de San Marcos in 1751.

Don Alonzo Fernandez de Herrera, as Governor of Florida, had the fort finished and erected the tablet over the main entrance in "alto relievo" (high relief).

Spain allied with France against England during the Seven Years War, called the French and Indian War in the Americas.

The Treaty of Paris was signed February 10, 1763 officially ending the Seven Years War in Europe and its counter part, the French and Indian War in the Americas.

With the 1763 Treaty of Paris, Florida was ceded to the British.

The "Shot Heard Around the World" was fired on the Lexington Green on April 18, 1775, thus beginning the American Revolution.

The American Continental Congress officially endorses the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. 55 members of the 13 Colonies sign the document on August 2nd.

In 1777 the colonists of New Smyrna sent a plea to Henry Younge in St. Augustine for aid, as only 600 of the 1400 settlers had survived the initial 9 years on Turnbull plantation.

Spain allied with France and declared war on England on June 21, 1779.

In 1780, the British brought 37 Charlestonians to St. Augustine. Some were held at the Castillo de San Marcos (then called Fort St.

The East Florida Assembly was officially formed in March of 1781. The first order of business was the Militia Act.

The Treaty of Paris was signed by the United States and Britain, ending the American War for Independence.