The exterior of Freddy Fingers Food Truck

Freddy Fingers Food Truck

Chicken and waffle dinners paired with specialty sauces.

Check its Facebook page for location and hour updates.

Freddy Fingers Food Truck takes a creative approach to American cuisine. Known for its chicken and waffles, there is a fun selection of food items to munch on.

Appetizers include homemade French fries, curry fries, and Bamboleo (sweet potato chunks tossed in various sauces).

Several basket cases are available including The Duke (signature chicken tenders and waffles), Buddy Holly (chicken tenders and fries), Cowboy from Hell (buffalo chicken tenders), Gojira (Korean hot-honey chicken tenders, cucumber, and kimchi slaw), and Bohemian Rhapsody (curry chicken tenders, kimchi slaw, and fries).

Unique sauces are included in the meals such as kimchi mayo, guava barbeque, and black garlic mayo.

The truck serves and hosts events throughout St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Check its Facebook page for updates on hours and to find out where it's parked next.

Check its Facebook page for location and hour updates.