St. Augustine's restaurants include a host of barbecue options to please every palate.


Barbecue (or barbeque or BBQ — however you choose to spell it) is a staple of Florida food culture. Discover authentic home-grown barbecue shops as well as the locally loved barbecue chains such as Sonny's, Woody's, and Bono's. The taste of American barbecue comes from the wood used and the livestock available to cook. St. Augustine's barbecue eateries offer both sweet and savory tastes, with meats cooked and smoked in a wood-fire stove, and all the delicious sides you expect to make a great barbecue meal.

(904) 217-8871

173 Shipyard Way

A full-service, experience-driven, waterfront restaurant known for live fire dining.

(904) 794-9424

2420 US Highway 1 S

A chain restaurant specializing in smoked barbeque and Southern sides cooked fresh every day.

(904) 907-2122

3009 N Ponce De Leon Blvd.

A local restaurant serving up comfort foods in an easy-going atmosphere.

(904) 907-1312

600 Anastasia Blvd.

A regionally sourced, locally owned artisan butcher shop.

(904) 295-8952

1409 N Ponce de Leon Blvd.

This Smokin' D's location serves smoked, barbequed meat and the best southern sides, just blocks from Old St. Augustine.

(904) 347-1944

2520 FL 207

A competition pro-class food truck specializing in BBQ - open on weekends and for events.