Here are some restaurants in St. Augustine that specialize in a tapas menu. Tapas bars traditionally offer a wide variety of Spanish style foods as appetizers, from seafood to pork and vegetarian dishes. They are usually enjoyed with wine or sangria for a perfect small meal, served in the early evening or late at night.


(904) 217-7052
215 Anastasia Blvd.

Featuring local seafood dishes, small plates, and Caribbean-inspired cocktails on Anastasia Island.

Celestino’s Wine Room

(904) 342-2544
113 Anastasia Blvd.

A wine room serving an extensive wine list, local craft beer, cocktails, and a tapas menu.

Columbia Restaurant

(904) 824-3341
98 St. George Street

The Columbian Restaurant presents award-winning Spanish and Cuban food in a vibrant, Old World setting.

Costa Brava Restaurant

(904) 810-6810
95 Cordova Street

Visitors can enjoy a culinary journey along the Mediterranean at this upscale restaurant in the Casa Monica Hotel.

A uniquely fun restaurant serving a menu full of casual American dishes.


(904) 810-2400
25 Cuna Street

Michael's presents seasonal menu items for a casually elegant dining experience in St. Augustine.


(904) 827-1947
35 Hypolita Street

St. George Street tapas bar featuring outdoor porch for people-watching and live music.


(904) 907-2176
73 San Marco Avenue

This comfortable gathering-place cafe offers breakfast and lunch, often including home-made sourdough bread.