19 Ways You Know You Live in St. Augustine

Check out this list of 19 ways locals know that they live in the best city in the country!


    St. Augustine may be a small town but there is no place like it in the world. Sometimes we get so used to life in the Ancient City that we overlook the quirks and charms that make St. Augustine unique. In case you have forgotten the small things that define daily life in this community, here's a countdown of the 19 Ways You Know You Live in St. Augustine.


    You Know You Live in St. Augustine When...

    1. The sounds of canon fire are nbd (no big deal). Not a siege, just 2:30 p.m. on a Saturday.
    2. Half the population is living in another century.
    3. A traffic jam just means the bridge is up, or there's a carriage in your lane.
    5. Large mobs of people hanging out in dark alleys are usually just ghost tours, but if you don't see a Victorian butler carrying a lantern, you should probably run.
    6. City grid created in 1500s + torrential Florida downpours = I hope you brought your rainboots.
    7. The beach is 5 miles away, but somehow the trip is 35 minutes.
    8. The hardest choice of your day is "312 or Bridge of Lions."
    9. Not only are you one of the few people in the country who know what coquina is, you're also a connoisseur of Spanish Revival architecture.
    10. That gray area when restaurants are still serving families dinner and slowly becoming a bar.
    11. No reason to dress up for the nightlife. Heels and cobblestone roads generally don't mix.
    12. After attempting to navigate the narrow streets, you've learned your lesson about driving around downtown.
    13. No Open Container laws force you and your friends to chug wine before moving on to the next gallery during First Friday Art Walk.
    14. You haven't paid full price for anything in over 13 years. #outletlyfe #couponqueen #imcheap
    15. You've helped out lost vacationers on a weekly basis.
    16. If you recognize the names Jackets, Flashes, Falcons, and Saints, consider yourself a die-hard St. Augustine sports fan.
    17. Sometimes you wonder if Pedro Menendez really did find the Fountain of Youth, since you see him at every major city event.
    18. If you're sailing in St. Augustine, you know the lighthouse is more than just for looks.
    19. You've become a point of interest on the trolley train tours.


    Enjoy some of the places featured in this video

    • Castillo de San Marcos: This historic structure dating to the 1600s is the oldest masonry fort in the U.S.
    • Scarlett O'Hara's: This Gone With The Wind-inspired pub and restaurant serves delicious local food, live entertainment, and a rustic Southern atmosphere with an outdoor porch perfect for people-watching.
    • Meehan's on Matanzas: Dine on Irish food and sip on Irish whiskeys at this bayfront bar and restaurant.

    Special thanks to the Castillo, Scarlett O'Hara's, Meehan's on Matanzas, A Ghostly Experience, The Sports Corner, and St. Joseph's Academy for allowing us to film!

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Updated: Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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