Burger King, Palencia

Quick service restaurant in St. Augustine.

304 Paseo Reyes Dr, St. Augustine, 32095
  • (904) 826-1924

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Sun - Sat:
6:00 am - 12:00 am

  • At this quick service restaurant they have an indoor dining room and a convenient drive thru window. Burger King's large menu consists of a value menu, Flame-Broiled Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches, chicken tenders, salads, onion rings, French fries, desserts, and a new breakfast menu.

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    I live in the area and am always dissapointed when I come to this Burger King Cold hamburgers and hot iced tea, or the drive tru is closed or they are out of something, its ashame that no one cares!!!!!

    Iv been twice in a week. The 1st time I ordered 2 whoppers with no lettuce, and extra tomato. when I got home both had lettuce on them and there was no tomato on them. I called and they told me they were out of tomato, and the girl didn't know to tell me. Then today, I once again ordered 2 whoppers with no lettuce and extra onion and tomato. I get home, and there is lettuce on both, and no tomato or onion on the other.....also the soda machine out inside the restaurant wasn't working....and everyone had to ask for more drinks at the counter. And no one was addressing the outside machine.....and it wasn't even busy.....no excuses for these things to happen....

    I have tried this place more than once hoping that they were just having some off weeks. Well, that wasn'the true. Their employee's smoke cigarettes right in front of entry, they do not get your order right and they take forever, misconception of fast food. This has happened more than once, we went in today hoping, that the half of dozen visits would have changed, it only got worse. The trash can was out of the cabinet container in where you sit and eat. It smelled like I was visiting a dumpster. It turned my stomach and I was no longer hungry. So much for eating. This place is the worst and I wouldn't even recommend it to my worat enemy.

    good time. the staff was great and so was the food.

    i really love this BK... It is in a super convenient location,the staff is extremely helpful and respect full also i got much help from a staff member named Gina. Had a good experience will be back again for sure!!!!!!!

    There ice cream machine is always broken! The kitchen is always dirty! Always out of something. They always forget something in the drive thru. Horrible customer service! This is unacceptable! How do they get away with this especially in Palencia area? Wow! By the way don't bother complaining because there is no valid number to complain to!

    They have the most incompetent staff you have ever seen. Have been coming here for about 1 1/2 yrs because it is the only fast food restaurant near us in Palencia. They will literally screw up your order 100% of the time. The manager today apologized to me about his staff and said "i need to get smarter people working the drive through". I have been here when the managers are litterally shouting at their staff for being so stupid. The only reason i keep coming here is because it is a great story every time.

    I just went through the drive through at the Palencia Burger King. There were two cars in front of me and one exited with their order by the time my order was taken (Whopper and Value Fries). I waited for 10 minutes behind the one car that was now in front of me while their order was completed. When I pulled up the girl had her back turned to me while she talked to another employee...she was laughing so I don't think it was a work conversation. When she noticed me she picked up the bag that was already sitting by the window and handed it to me. I paid and drove off because I was now late for work. When I got to my desk to eat my on the run lunch my fries were missing. I tried the phone # on the receipt (was hoping I could get them to have a coupon or something put aside for me) and the phone # on this page. Both went directly to a Sprint voicemail....no indication it was Burger King...it was an automated voice mail that just repeated the phone # I had called. I checked both numbers twice...yes I dialed correctly.

    I thought breakfast was served until 10:30 on Sunday but was disappointed to get there at 10:20 and they already switched to lunch. I could be wrong but always thought it was 10:30. I've had plenty of wrong orders from here and usually just deal with but it's getting a little old. It's always something at this location. Its that they are out of the something or they forget part of you order or give you the wrong things all together. This is the closest place to my house but from now on after several chances I will drive the extra 10 minutes to Mc Donald's.

    Says they are open till 2 am on Friday just went threw at 1:20 not open? Food is always cold anyway and always hear employees complain in the background when I ask for something to be made fresh

    As a resident of Palencia, my family tends to frequent this location and can tell you that each and everytime we have gone here, the food has been good (by fast food standards) and (perhaps more importantly) the service has been excellent. Our most recent experience was my son wanted an ice cream cone for desert and I told him, 'no son, we will come back when your dinner is finished' to which the person behind the counter offered that he would bring it to him at a later time.....and DID! That's service you don't get from a downtown restaurant but got it at this location. Keeps us coming back!

    I tried to obtain a whopper at 8 PM on a Sunday night and after a 15 minute wait was unsuccessful. Two teens in front of me still didn't have their food either when I asked how hard is it to make a whopper. The employees did not have a clue. They asked if everyone had their order when 3 of us were standing at the pickup side of the counter. They couldn't even find my order. I left without receiving my food. Can't imagine what this place must be like when it's busy. This was not my first bad experience, so thought I'd give it another shot. Don't make the same mistake. Do not go here unless you have a lot of time on your hands to wait for your order.

    Out of 10 trips, 9 of my orders, whether through the drive through or inside, have been incomplete or just plain wrong. It's worth the 10 minute drive to Wendy's

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