Pizza Time

Pizza Time prepares Brooklyn Style pizza and sells it by the slice or whole pie.

Historic Downtown, in the middle of the shopping district.
124 St. George St., St. Augustine, 32084
  • (904) 819-0133

Hours of Operation

Come In, We're Open!
Sun - Thu:
10:00 am - 10:30 pm
Fri - Sat:
11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Open seven days a week, for lunch, dinner, and late night snack.

  • Pizza Time, located on St. George Street in historic downtown St. Augustine serves Brooklyn style pizza — by the slice and as whole made-to-order pizza pies. Pizza Time creates each pizza with fresh ingredients and a true New York style crust, prepares a variety of pies to sell by the slice, and serves calzones, cannolis, olive salad, and other Italian favorites.

    This family restaurant has free parking at the Spanish Street entrance and indoor seating.  Locals and visitors often line up at the St. George Street entrance to choose a slice to enjoy as they walk around.

    Pizza Time does not take credit or debit cards, so come prepared with cash. Catering is also available at Pizza Time; call (904) 819-0133 for more information.

  • Comments or Questions?

    Best pizza outside of New York. Best pizza in the State of Florida. Okay, I haven't tried all the pizzerias in the State of Florida but don't need to. Just come here and your search has ended. Incredibly good pizza. When I even eat the crust, it has to be good. Wish this place were closer to where we live in Tampa.

    Place is great, food is great, atmosphere is awesome. Staff friendly, owner great guy, true Italian. Feels like home.

    Best pizza EVER. Hope you have the eggplant pizza on 6/21! Amazing....

    I hate lines for food...except at Pizza Time. I will wait. Never had a bad experience. Tried almost every slice they make and my favorite is the simple pepperoni well done. Now I can have my pizza AND a gelato after! Doesn't get much better than that! When i go to St Augustine, i make a beeline to Pizza Time before I do anything else. Starts my trip off on a good note!

    It is always curious to see a string of five-star reviews with a few one-star objections. First of all, none of these reviews take issue with the pizza, which is the best I have ever had! It makes competitors taste like white bread smeared with catsup! Even the most cheerful staffs have off-days, and while I do not doubt the bad experiences some reviewers describe, I do not know these reviewers, and some of us can get cranky quicker than others. I do know the staff at Pizza Time. I have always found them cheerful and helpful. When a friend, a New Yorker, first insisted we eat here, I thought "Pizza? Really?" After all, St. Augustine is blessed with all sorts of restaurants. But I was so wrong! This pizza is poetry in a crust! The chef-owner has always been affable and very much on top of things, and his place is always crowded, often with a long line winding outside the doors. It is well worth the wait, but it is a busy, crowded place, and that must be remembered. Bring cash, but don't let a few disgruntled patrons keep you from coming. If Michelin gave three stars for pizza, this would be it!

    My wife and I went to visit St. Augustine in 2013. Looking forward to visiting again this year of 2016 in July. Dominic's Pizza is truly an excellent pizza. One must stop place will be of course at Pizza Time. See you guys in July.

    Dominic has great pride in his pizza shop. He makes the best pizza and I travel to get these pies even though I have choices much closer. Now with the gelato you can have a complete meal.

    Being from Brooklyn,NewYork I know a 'New York " Pizza when I taste one. Lots of places claim they have the best 'New York" Pizza, but I have yet to find one that equals up. That was until I tried 'Pizza Time" ! Was the closest you'll ever come to Real NY Pizza ! Amazing !

    Owner tossed cold pepperoni on cheese pizza slices and handed them to me as " pepperoni pizza ". He flipped out when I asked him to please put it in the oven to warm up the cold pepperoni. Spent the next several minutes yelling at me in front if the whole line of customers. Unbelievable experience. Handed him back the slices and left.

    We spent a delightful afternoon in this cozy restaurant, enjoying the aromas and tastes of Italy and Sicily, with an added Brooklyn touch provided by Domenico and his talented team! We've found our favorite pizza in the nation's oldest city! It's beyond delicious!

    I took my children and 5 relatives who came to visit from South America to eat there. One of the girls was less than helpful and looked very annoyed while I translated what my family wanted to order ( I was shocked since this is tourist destination, you would think this people are trained to deal with people from all over the world. I also noticed they didn't like the size of our party 4 adults, 7 kids) after I ordered 3 slices of pizza plus a large pizza, the girl at the register told me a pizza only had 8 slices and suggested (with a less than friendly look) I got another one. I only had 7 small children so I told her 1 pizza was enough. When I ordered 2 Large Sodas, the girl gave me the look again and told me I had only 1 refill and informed me of NO SHARING policy. The pizza took more than 1/2 hr to come and when I tried to get my ONE refill per cup, the girl came from behind the counter and locked the machine. I told her I just wanted my ONLY ONE refill. She replied 'I SAW YOUR CHILDREN SHARING THE SODA' I was shocked by rudeness and the hate look she gave my kids, but I held back any comments or confrontation. The girl proceeded to check on other costumers and ask if they needed a refill. She unlocked the machine to everyone else, one by one.....Needless to say my relatives left disappointed and less than eager to come back to St. Augustine...people and establishments with 0 knowledge of COSTUMER SERVICE really hurt many other local businesses

    I was heading to the Mayo Clinic knowing this may be the last Time I would be able to eat Pizza! They Didn't disappoint! Thank You! As per the Foreigner from south America's complaints, When in Rome Do as The Romans Do. You have to step your game up to American Standards and behavior. if their is no Sharing Stay home and Share. The Line will be that less longer for those of us who respect the fact that this a business. As a Business it is the for the owners to make a profit and decide what he will allow!

    My wife and I get to St. Augustine every few months. Discovered Pizza time our visit before last.....Can't get enough of Dominic's Pizza. Being from N.Y. (Brooklyn) I know good pizza when I have it and this is the best. Well worth you stopping by. Ed Barnett Brooksville Fl

    Great pizza in florida, average in N.Y.. Unfortunatley one of the young girls asked my 3 sons if they were done and removed them from the table while my wife and our guests were still eating! Before we could protest she seated new customers at their table. We live locally, but we will not be back. What would have been a minute or two more cost this pizza place 6 loyal customers. You can't treat customers like the Soup Nazi in seinfeld!

    Locals have been screaming for Pizza Time to create another shop away from the tourist trap. They really need to do it and give better service to those who come back again and again. I like their pizza and know they have a ton of people coming through daily but you dont treat regulars like this. Not now or ever. Sorry you had this experience.

    Pizza Time is my favorite place to go for pizza in St Augustine. As a local I have been going there since I discovered the great selection of toppings in 2006. The staff are always friendly and the pizza comes out hot and fast. Say Ciao to Dominic he's from Sicily!!

    The pizza was delicious, but the staff, (including the man who appeared to be in charge) were miserably rude and downright hateful. I can't imagine this business would survive in the 'real' restaurant world and has obviously forgotten the blessing of being in a tourist district.

    we are from Sicily and we travel a lot, but the Pizza we eat here is absolutly the Best. Handmade Pizza with a taste that rimind us beeing at home. We love this place and we always come back

    I'm from Long Island NY and I know good Pizza and I have to say Pizza Time is by far the best Pizza I have had in Florida! wonder they come from NY

    I ate here twice over 2 days June 2011 exploring St. Augustine and St. George Street shops. The staff members were all very friendly, and this is LEGIT Brooklyn style Pizza. HUGE slices. You can get a whole pizza or by the slice while shopping. Great value! Fair Price, you can't go wrong!

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