A ghost tour guide stands behind a gravestone, while a man (or ghost) stands behind with a tool over his shoulder.

A Ghostly Experience Every Time

Explore the darker side of the nation's oldest city.

To get the story no one ever told you about the nation's oldest city, take a walk into the night with Ghost Tours of St. Augustine. This thrilling one-hour walking tour combines St. Augustine's ancient past with spooky story telling all done by knowledgeable guides decked out in full period garb. For history lovers, thrill seekers, ghosts adventurers, nighttime photographers or just those intrigued by the tales of what goes bump in the night,' this ghost tour is ideal.

No two stories are alike, as no two people are similar. The ghost tour guides read up on St. Augustine's previous residents and their lives, many of whom are still wandering the brick laden streets of this old town. Some are refusing they're dead, some are searching for something they lost, and some simply want to meet the new residents of St. Augustine.

St. Augustine's Tale Tellers treat audiences to scary stories as a Halloween treat

Ghosts have been known to appear in St. Augustine and it doesn't even have to be Halloween to see them.

The tour began on St. George Street where everyone in the group received wristbands and an overview of what the walking ghost tour entailed. We were encouraged to take pictures, as the goal of every ghost tour is to spot a spirit yourself. The guides were a husband and wife team, alternating stories as the group moved from location to location.

The tour's first stop was the Huguenot Cemetery, the ancient burial grounds that were created just outside of the city gates to bury those who were not Catholic. The animated tale of St. Augustine resident Judge Stickney and what happened to him after his death is told under the large trees next the cemetery by the light of the tour guide's lantern. The guide acted out many parts, bringing to life the story of Judge Stickney.

The second stop was the Old Drugstore, erected upon an old Indian burial ground. This site is notorious for ghost sightings due to its location. The Old Drugstore used to serve as a pharmacy and general store and now harbors the tale of an old Tolomato Indian Chief who still haunts the grounds.

Four ghost tour guides with lanterns standing in front of the cemetary.

Ghosts guides decked out in full period garb.

Our third stop was the Potter's Wax Museum. The guides informed us that this was the first time they would take the tour group inside the museum at night as part of the ghost tour! Walking through the museum only by the light of the guide's lanterns was alarming enough, compounded by the added scary -factor of seeing dozens of wax faces staring back at you. We heard a brief history of Potter's Wax Museum and then a chilling tale of one of the museum owner's paranormal experiences there.

Tolomato Cemetery, the other haunted and ancient burial ground in St. Augustine was our fourth stop. The guide gave us an accurate history of the cemetery and the haunting tales of those who lay buried beyond its gates. Learn the story of the Ghost Bride, a woman buried in her wedding gown, or hear the tale of the young girl who still wants to play at the gates of the Tolomato Cemetery.

The Tolomato Cemetery, part of the Afterlife Tours in St. Augustine.

Tolomato Cemetery takes on a spooky feel on a walking ghost tour of St. Augustine.

We made our way from the cemetery back over to St. George Street to hear the story of Mr. Path, told in tandem by each of our guides. Hear what it means to find the ghost of a nun at your bedside, or what seeing the ghost of a Spanish soldier means for you! The entertaining tale is told with excellent timing, and with an accurate history of the old building, now the Bull and Crown Pub.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine narrates the spooky past of the city, offering a peek into the lives of the residents from long ago. Throughout the tour many visitors snapped pictures, hoping to capture an image of an orb, energy ribbon or even a mystical figure. The ghost tour led us through time. It made us imagine how residents used to live back then and why some of them still walk the streets of this old city today.

The walking ghost tour takes different routes depending on the night, so no two tours are alike. Please visit Ghost Tours of St. Augustine for more information.