Dessert First Bistro and Kitchen — CLOSED

The philosophy of this local bakery is that, "Life is short, eat dessert first."

121 Yacht Club Drive, St. Augustine, 32084
  • (904) 417-0468
  • Dessert First Bistro is now operating as Odd Birds Café, featuring the same desserts and a new main dish menu.

    Located in Camachee Cove near Vilano Beach, Dessert First Bistro and Kitchen creates delectable cakes, tortes, cookies, "bombs," and other tasty treats. Dessert First Bistro's treats are made entirely from scratch using high-quality ingredients.

    In addition to delightful desserts, Dessert First Bistro serves a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, teas, and a selection of wines and craft beers. More than just a sweets spot, Dessert First offers bagels and breakfast sandwiches, making it a great stop for the morning crowd looking for a sweet start to the day. Dessert First also serves several options for lunch.

    Dessert First Bistro's offerings include flourless dessert options, like the flourless chocolate torte for chocolate-lovers with gluten-free dietary restrictions. With so many options, this bakery is a perfect place to satisfy a sweet tooth.


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    Complete redo of former operations - cozy and attractive and the pastry offerings are incredible - and there's a good egg breakfast sandwich. Compliments the excellent dining and other first class facilities at Camachee Cove. If you're not staying at the Marina, the Bistro and Kingfish Grill are worth the drive north on A!A to the foot of the Vilano Bridge. B

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