Smokin' D's BBQ — North

This Smokin' D's location serves smoked, barbequed meat and the best southern sides, just blocks from Old St. Augustine.

Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 7:30 pm

Smokin' D's BBQ north location brings this famous Florida barbeque joint's fresh-smoked barbeque closer to downtown St. Augustine.  Every day, the crew at Smokin' D's prepares ribs, pork, brisket, chicken and turkey. They offer a number of platters and sandwich options, and each full meal comes with toast and a choice of sides and sauces. There is a choice of four sauces to sweeten or spice the meal, and the three sides — baked beans, rice, and coleslaw — can also be purchased in pints. 

Smokin' D's BBQ serves slow cooked and hand-cut fresh meat and they never sell yesterday's meat. In fact, they much prefer waking up early and smoking as much barbeque as they guess their customers will consume that day. If they guess wrong and the meat runs out, they close early.

There are one or two picnic tables and a stump or two, but must locals and savvy visitors simply buy their meal to go.

Smokin' D's caters, offers picnic and "beach bucket" meals to go, and will gladly feed a crowd.

Those closer to Crescent Beach area of St. Augustine may want to check out Smokin' D's a few miles south of St. Augustine, at the intersection of Route 1 and SR 206.