The Unique And The Bold In St. Augustine Art

  • When art transcends reality and uses different materials to create a unique composition of perspective we tend to call this art more abstract or non-objective. This style of art works to remain independent of any reference and creates its own point of origin; its own type of reality.

    Art itself cannot be defined, cannot be outlined or measured. Gazing at a beautiful landscape on canvas and then at a mixed media sculpture one senses that art holds beauty in every form, whether it is the literal into art or the reality of the mind being turned into art.

    Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, 233 West King Gallery and space:eight bring to light a different type - a more progressive version of artwork.

    Butterfield Garage Art Gallery, located on King Street, is an artist-run gallery whose mission is to be a home and showplace for contemporary visual artists of Northeast Florida. They display numerous artists from around Florida who are all proficient in their own unique trades.

    Non-objective mixed media compositions, impressionistic canvases depiction life and love in intricate lines and energetic colors are all displayed at the Butterfield Gallery working to evoke a variety of emotions and senses. This gallery is a staple in the St. Augustine art scene and offers the unique chance to be able to talk with the artist about their work.  


    233 West King Gallery displays the works of regional and national artists. They created a space for many non-objective artists to debut their work. This gallery offers art that displays life in many forms, depicting its stages and emotions through many mediums.Each piece at 233 West King celebrates or evokes some though or emotion; the art is there to make you think, to wonder. Vibrant and colorful pieces line the walls of this gallery keeping your eye just long enough for you to develop a feeling for its subject.

    space eight artspace:eight, also located on West King Street, has created a gallery that works to bring the more abstract or non-objective to the forefront of the art scene. The artists in space:eight push the boundaries, if there are any, of art and its definitions. Like in the Butterfield Gallery or at 233 West King Gallery, the more abstract art delves you into a world unknown. This style of artwork pushes and nudges you into the mind of the artist, placing you in their mind frame and requiring you to learn a new perspective.

    St. Augustine offers this art to you in abundance and while browsing the galleries take a second look, take a third or fourth and absorb what you can from these talented artists.

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Updated: Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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