Enjoying St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine beach is a pristine stretch of coastline with plenty of accommodations, restaurants, recreation activities, and shopping!

  • Florida's beaches are known for beautiful wide stretches of sand, shells and fun. Thousands of visitors pack up and visit for just those reasons.

    St. Augustine Beach is ideal for family vacations, a fun couple's getaway, or a relaxing holiday. The beaches offer something different for all types of tourists.


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    The beach is unique in St. Augustine for the fact that there are so many things to do. Great restaurants and beach nightlife are available for visitors looking for entertainment, or you can catch a show at the amphitheatre or enjoy a round of mini golf. Stay at fun waterfront accommodations with your own beach access, tennis courts and pool. With an all encompassing vacation destination like St. Augustine Beach available, all that is left to do is to pick the dates and pack a swimsuit.

    No St. Augustine beach vacation is complete without sailing out on the ocean. Bay Ray Boat Rentals offers reasonably priced charters and Jet Ski, boat and kayak rentals. Whether you're an angler or not, taking a sail on a Bay Ray fishing charter through the inlet and out onto the ocean offers you a unique perspective of the old city. The beach has numerous charters that dock at the marina or that leave out of other St. Augustine beach docks or waterfront hotels.


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    Beachfront hotels, villas, condos, rental properties and even campgrounds can accommodate any style of trip. Soaking up the sun and enjoying spacious beaches is as easy as walking out the front door!

    If you're looking for camping, look no further than Anastasia State Park. This 1,600-acre park boasts over four miles of unspoiled, white sandy beaches, tidal salt marshes and hammock preserves. This span of ocean is ideal for swimming, fishing, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking and more. There are even coquina quarries on site that date back to the 1700s to the construction of the Castillo de San Marcos.

    If you're not into camping you can stay at one of the many St. Augustine beach hotels. And kick back on the balcony and feel the warm ocean breeze on your face as you gaze out on the beautiful expanse of beach and ocean. Listen to the waves as they offer a soothing welcome to St. Augustine Beach.


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    For more things to do at St. Augustine Beach visit the Vacation section to learn more!

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Updated: Monday, July 8, 2013

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